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Klingman Design has website design and programming experience with a wide range of clients including:
  • Churches
  • Charity Golf Tournament
  • Membership Websites
  • Jewelry Retail
  • Industrial Supply
  • Christian Band
  • Real Estate
  • Celebrity Guestbook
  • Gaming Forums
Klingman Design has coded for clients in the United States, Turkey, and Great Britain.

Klingman Design uses industry current languages and standards including:

  • PHP 4 and 5
  • MySQL
  • W3C HTML 4.01
  • W3C CSS

What does a website cost?/What do I need to start my website?

The first item you will need is a domain name. This is your website name (ex. KlingmanDesign.com).
Domain names tend to cost $7-10 per year. To register your domain, we recommend www.GoDaddy.com.
Warning: Many domain companies will attempt to upsell you during the checkout process. Other than possibly private registration (which hides your email/address in the domain directory), we don't recommend any upsell purchases. We personally do not have private registration, but it can be good for some people.

The next item on your list should be website hosting. This provides a location where your files are stored on the internet.
There are many companies who provide hosting services, however, all hosts are not equal. Some are less reliable or have bad customer service reputations.
The cost for website hosting is $5-10 per month or $60-120 per year.
The two companies we recommend are: and Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth for $4.95/mo!

Next, you need a "look" for your website created.
In this step, I recommend that people purchase a template from a company, and then have a website design company (like mine) update it because this tends to be cheaper than having a template custom designed.
I recommend template monster as a good place to find quality templates.
web_temp_120_120 Warning: They will try to upsell template customization services. Hiring an outside company is much cheaper than their customization costs.
These templates tend to cost about $65. A custom template costs $300-1,000 or more depending on what you want.

Then, you will need a company to insert the text of your website into the actual template.
Cost varies widely between companies and depends on the complexity of your design.
If you supply the company with a document (with one page for each page of your website), they should be able to insert the website content for $25 a page. (This assumes of course that you have a relatively simple website.)
Template customization with your logo and name should cost $100-150 depending on the template.
Warning: Before purchasing a template, consult with your webste design firm to verify customization and content costs. Some templates are harder to customize than others.

Total costs:
Hosting: $60-120
Domain: $7-10
One Time:
Template: $65
Template Customization: $100-150
Website Content: $25 per page

If you use our website design servicies, we will be happy to guide you through the entire process.

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