Klingman Design
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Klingman Design has website design and programming experience with a wide range of clients including:
  • Churches
  • Charity Golf Tournament
  • Membership Websites
  • Jewelry Retail
  • Industrial Supply
  • Christian Band
  • Real Estate
  • Celebrity Guestbook
  • Gaming Forums
Klingman Design has coded for clients in the United States, Turkey, and Great Britain.

Klingman Design uses industry current languages and standards including:

  • PHP 4 and 5
  • MySQL
  • W3C HTML 4.01
  • W3C CSS

Klingman Design - Portfolio

Site Updating and Video Work
The Grilling Coach

Complete Reprogram with CMS backend
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

Assisted Living Home
Designed and programmed the website. - Ashlan Village

Moved Sites
Moved sites between hosts. (Bath Liners, Super Baby Sitting, Tasty Success)

Ticketing Website
Klingman Design Ticketing
Programmed a site to find and sell the best tickets to patrons.

Jewelry Distributor
Programmed the site with an easy to edit template and image enlarging system.

Charity Golf Tournament
The Klingman Open
Programmed a charity golf tournament website with an automatic registration feature.

Coded a CMS system
Coded a real-estate site content management system by hand using only a design template.

Coded an IPB integrated CMS system
Coded a system to let users submit content, have it approved, and display it on the site in categories, along with integrating the user system with Invision Power Board.

Updated Site Coding
Allowed users to enlarge the template images, added more demo buttons, and provided an automatic update checker.

Convert Site Languages
Converted from ASP to PHP.

Content Management System
Wrote a content management system that also included a program to make and grade quizzes with the program grading all the multiple choice and the fill in the blank being hand graded.

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