Klingman Design
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Klingman Design has website design and programming experience with a wide range of clients including:
  • Churches
  • Charity Golf Tournament
  • Membership Websites
  • Jewelry Retail
  • Industrial Supply
  • Christian Band
  • Real Estate
  • Celebrity Guestbook
  • Gaming Forums
Klingman Design has coded for clients in the United States, Turkey, and Great Britain.

Klingman Design uses industry current languages and standards including:

  • PHP 4 and 5
  • MySQL
  • W3C HTML 4.01
  • W3C CSS
What Klingman Design Can Do For You

Program Sites

  • Over 5 years of experience in PHP and MySQL
  • Optimize your existing website program or write new code
  • Create Content Management Systems (CMS) to allow you to edit your website content at any time without the help of a programmer
  • Modify and Install Scripts
  • Incorporate interactive and dynamic features such as:
    • Shopping Carts
    • Secure Form Encryption (SSL)
    • Calendars
    • Guestbooks
    • Registration Forms
    • Flash Effects
    • And so much more
Design Sites
  • Use your existing logo and color scheme or create new ones
  • Lay out your site for optimal navigation
Search Engine Optimization
  • Make your site easier to find
  • Analyze your bandwidth and storage needs and fit you with an economical, reliable hosting plan
Domain Name Registration
  • Including extensions .com, .net, .org, and .info
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